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Welcome to blag!

blag is a blog-aware, static site generator, written in Python.

  • an example "deployment" can be found here
  • online documentation is available on

blag is named after the blag of the webcomic xkcd.


  • Write content in Markdown
  • Good looking default theme: Blag Screenshot
  • Theming support using Jinja2 templates
  • Generation of Atom feeds for blog content
  • Fenced code blocks and syntax highlighting using Pygments
  • Integrated devserver
  • Available on PyPI

blag runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and requires Python >= 3.10


blag is available on PyPI, you can install it via:

$ pip install blag

On Debian or Ubuntu, you can also just install the Debian package:

$ sudo aptitude install blag


$ pip install blag                  # 1. install blag
$ blag quickstart                   # 2. create a new site
$ vim content/        # 3. create some content
$ blag build                        # 4. build the website